57th Medieval Congress – VIRTUAL May 9-14, 2022

Please join us from wherever you are at that time for an online congress in May 2022. We are still looking for presenters and roundtable participants.

Medieval Congress Call for Papers Page, Western Michigan University:


Christine de Pizan and the Five Senses (Listed under “Sessions of Papers”)

Throughout Christine’s corpus, all five senses play strategically into the expression of her message. From the scent of spring flowers in lyric poetry, to the sounds of battle in her works on war, to detailed and even striking visual imagery, the experiences she depicts are often powerfully enhanced by sensorial elements. This topic builds upon current interest in the material culture surrounding Christine’s oeuvre and lends itself to interdisciplinary approaches.

Digital Humanities, Lyric Poetry, Textual Studies in Christine de Pizan: A Roundtable Festschrift in Honor of James Laidlaw (Listed under “Roundtables”)

James Laidlaw is one of the world’s most preeminent scholars of Christine de Pizan. He has published numerous seminal studies on the manuscript tradition and other aspects of Christine’s works, and is director of the far-reaching, innovative, and invaluable project, Christine de Pizan: The Making of the Queen’s Manuscript. This session will honor Professor Laidlaw with papers inspired by his extraordinary contribution to Christine studies.

International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 10-15, 2021 – Virtual

The North American Branch of the Christine de Pizan Society is sponsoring two sessions and the society’s Annual Business Meeting during the International Congress on Medieval Studies (Kalamazoo) to be held virtually on Zoom, May 10-15, 2021. Online registration opens in March and extends until Saturday, May 29. Registration fees are listed on page iv of the Congress Program. The 2022 Congress will also be virtual (May 9-14) and the organizers hope to return to an in-person congress in 2023. They are looking for our input to create “a new model format” for the Congress. (See page iii of the Congress Program.)

Please remember that all times are Eastern (United States) Daylight Time (EDT). We look forward to seeing you online for these events:

Friday, May 14, 9am EDT

Session 319:  In Memory of Susan Groag Bell:  Christine’s Legacy in Material Objects. (Session WILL be recorded for viewing by registrants until May 29, 2021)

Presider:  Benjamin M. Semple

  1. Unraveling the Mysteries of High-Warp Tapestries in the Works of Christine de Pizan. Earl Jeffrey Richards, Julia Nephew.
  2. Christine de Pizan, from Page to Performance: The Elevated Role of Material Objects in Communicating Thought and Establishing Authority.  Suzanne Hélène Savoy.
  3. High Roofs and Shining Stones: Urban Space and the Art of Building in the City of Ladies.   Shou Jie Eng

Friday, May 14, 11am EDT

Business Meeting, International Christine de Pizan Society, North American Branch (Meeting will NOT be recorded.)

You may pay for membership with PayPal through this website or contact Julia Nephew nephewja [@] yahoo.com.

Saturday, May 15, 11am EDT

Session 396:   Just and Unjust Political Power in Christine’s Time. (Session will NOT be recorded.)

Presider:  Susan J. Dudash

  1. Reacting and Christine: Examining Medieval Women’s Power through the Querelle de la Rose in a Reacting to the Past Classroom.  Jennifer C. Edwards,
  2. Language and Model Authors: Christine de Pizan Corrects Unjust Political Power.  Kevin Brownlee.
  3. The Hebrews Who Are Christians: Christine de Pizan and Political Theology. Thelma Fenster.
  4. The Good Ruler: Utopia or Possibility? Political Theory in Christine the Pizan.  Eleonora Masci.

Je Christine performance and articles featured in Lingua Romana, Suzanne Savoy

The current issue of Lingua Romana (Brigham Young), centers around the March 2020 performance of Je Christine. In addition to an article by actor Suzanne Savoy about how she was inspired by Christine to create the one-woman performance, you will find video, photos, and an interview with Savoy. Savoy’s article “Christine vs. The Machine” is a very personal story of how Christine’s message of empowerment for women is needed and alive today.

Lingua Romana

The mission of the International Christine de Pizan Society is to promote the works of Christine de Pizan. Christine scholars around the world are sharing Christine’s message and artistry and welcome questions from artists who are spreading Christine’s message through mediums such as the fine arts and performances. You can contact me, Julia Nephew, by email nephewja [@] yahoo.com