Call for Papers: Christine de Pizan Congress XI in Geneva and Lansanne, Switzerland, June 19-22, 2024

The Eleventh Christine de Pizan World Congress, entitled Order and disorder  – ranger / déranger, will be organized in Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland, June 19-22 2024.

It will propose three main perspectives.

The first one, “Tidying up and disturbing, a fruitful polarity”, will focus on the work of Christine Pizan, encouraging us to question the tensions between the innovative and transgressive impulses of the treaties written “for the defense of women” and the political thought of the author, which is characterized by a fervor for order in a world disturbed and subverted by injustices. 

The axis Christine’s posterity: the long life of a disturbing work is part of the long duration of feminist statements and invites us to question the place that Christine’s works occupy, or could occupy, in a literary genealogy of the political questions raised by feminism in all its forms.  

Finally, by proposing an axis entitled “Contemporary appropriations”, we would like to encourage interventions on the contemporary scope of Christine de Pizan’s work by welcoming presentations on didactic initiatives, artistic interventions based on Christine’s work, and even artistic performances inspired by them.

Registration before July 1 2023.

Provisional titles and abstracts (150-200 words) expected before October 30 2023.

The International Christine de Pizan Society ( holds regular conferences bringing together specialists of the 15th century author as well as researchers in medieval and renaissance literature. An important place is reserved for presentations of the work of young doctoral and post-doctoral researchers. 

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