Christine de Pizan, Life, Works, Legacy

Charlotte Cooper-Davis

Dear friends and colleagues/chers amis chers collègues,
I am delighted to announce the publication of my new book on Christine: Christine de Pizan, Life, Works, Legacy, which is out now with Reaktion Press. The book is written with an English general audience in mind; it is priced accordingly and written entirely in English. It focuses on the cultural and literary climate in which Christine was writing, with a chapter on C.15th Paris. That said, two of the chapters are inspired by questions students have asked about Christine over the years – so, for instance, one of the chapters sets out the climate of misogyny against which Christine was writing and how her responses differed from those of her contemporaries, and another discusses the work that went into creating her books in a way that non-specialist readers will find accessible and understandable. 
The book can be purchased directly from the publishers and is currently 40% off with the code JAN22. In the US, it is available from University of Chicago Press
Best wishes to all,

Christine de Pizan

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