Je Christine performance and articles featured in Lingua Romana, Suzanne Savoy

The current issue of Lingua Romana (Brigham Young), centers around the March 2020 performance of Je Christine. In addition to an article by actor Suzanne Savoy about how she was inspired by Christine to create the one-woman performance, you will find video, photos, and an interview with Savoy. Savoy’s article “Christine vs. The Machine” is a very personal story of how Christine’s message of empowerment for women is needed and alive today.

Lingua Romana

The mission of the International Christine de Pizan Society is to promote the works of Christine de Pizan. Christine scholars around the world are sharing Christine’s message and artistry and welcome questions from artists who are spreading Christine’s message through mediums such as the fine arts and performances. You can contact me, Julia Nephew, by email nephewja [@]

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